Educational Resources has been developing and implementing customized training for more than twenty years.  With more than three decades experience in corporate training, educational programs, and individual coaching, we focus on group and personal productivity, communication skills, improved neuro-cognitive functioning,  and behavioral assessments for job performance and  placement.

Our Mission

Through a quality consulting program which provides for individual differences, including corporate culture and personal learning styles, it is our mission to provide tools, support, and motivation for companies and individuals to achieve business, educational, and personal goals.

Educational Resources
More About Us

Whether working with children or adults, whether addressing  learning disabilities, emotional problems interfering with effective learning, presenting new corporate policies or procedures, motivating employees to increase productivity, or making personal changes to reach individual goals,  we focus on solutions.  We often explore highly individualized and "out of the box" learning and information processing strategies to obtain these solution-oriented outcomes.  In the corporate arena, we concentrate primarily on management, employee placement to maximize productivity, and facilitating effective communication.

Our staff are certified coaches.   Other credentials include
  Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and Instructor
Education degree (specialties for working with
students with emotional, behavioral, learning,
and physical disabilities)
  More than 40 years combined experience working
with non-profits in the US and abroad assisting
disadvantaged families, families in crisis, and
abused, neglected, or orphaned children.
  Extensive experience in employee relations as well
as educational liaisons

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