Educational Resources
Communication Seminars
The training your personnel receives should be tailored to the needs of YOUR employees and YOUR company.  Each seminar is developed specifically for your managers, based on their needs, requests, and interests. 

Educational Resources specializes in communication training, particularly in the following areas:
Customer Service
Employee Selection
Effective communication is the foundation of all management tasks, whether we are
Hiring new employees,
Assigning tasks,
Gathering information,
Resolving employee or customer disputes,
Motivating staff; or
Conducting employee evaluations.

Effective communication isn't about saying what we need or want to say. Rather, it is about making sure the other person hears, understands, and is moved to action by what we have conveyed.

General emphasis is on determining how a person processes information and streamlining your communication so the person receives it and is positively influenced to act on it.


Increase bottom-line profitability
Reduce customer complaints
Improve employee morale