Educational Resources
Management Consulting
The focus of management consultation is to increase the effectiveness and productivity of all staff.  The primary goals are to
Optimize the performance of each individual
Maximize problem-solving in a team
Make every employee feel they are making a
significant contribution to their company

We use a variety of methods to assist management in reaching higher levels of productivity.  In-depth interviews of key personnel are conducted to assess how the executive or departmental team works together.  Our consultants then work with your team to build on its strengths, minimize areas of weakness, and enhance problem-solving skills.

Individual executive coaching is also available to promote or enhance specific skills for more effective management and administration.  Coaching offers busy executives a stream-lined individual approach to enhance their personal productivity and to be more effective in managing others.

Develop a more effective management style
Reduce turnover
Increase management productivity
Increase staff productivity
Improve morale and inter/intra-office relations
Build highly effective teams for problem-solving,
creativity and productivity