Educational Resources
Personnel Assessment
Personnel assessments begin with a job description analysis and an evaluation of the tasks required for that job.  In-depth "position profiles" are established based on the job description, company expectations, profiles of people already performing that particular job function effectively, and the people with whom the candidate (internal or external) will be working. 

Structured interviews are conducted by phone or in person with job candidates and current employees in that position to determine their "individual profiles." 

The "individual profile" for a candidate is then compared to the "position profile" and to the profile of current employees who are successful in that position.  The goal is to place employees that match the optimum profile for that position within that company.

The final report details an assessment of:
Strengths and weaknesses
Innate abilities
Management needs
How the prospective candidate and manager
might best work together
Challenges they will likely face
How to maximize team productivity
Ways to minimize any friction that might be


Increase productivity and save money:
Reduce turnover
Match the right person to the right job.
Optimize innate talents and abilities.
Keep staff motivated & enthusiastic.
Improve inter/intra-office relations.
Reduce training time of new employees.